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Basic tuning is comprehensive calibration for Gen 3 or Gen 4 LS motors that are naturally aspirated and on regular pump gas. For E-85 or Forced induction applications, or technical motor swaps, these all fall into the advanced tuning category as they require additional time. Please see additional details below!



DMR offers professional tuning for GM GEN III and GEN IV LS platforms.  Why tune with DMR?

Here is where DMR differs from other competitors:

  1. With every calibration, we are willing to share before & after data to quantify, and show you the results on how your car has responded! Every car is unique and requires personal attention; there are no cookie cutter or copy / paste tunes here.
  2. Tuning at the drag-strip is offered as part of standard tuning costs. This is optional, but allows us to maximize your cars power potential.  We use data from both the track and vehicle datalogs to optimize spark and fuel mixtures for maximum power and speed. Unfortunately chassis dyno’s are tightly controlled environments that don’t always mimic real life driving or racing. Note that this level of tuning is subject to track testing availability.
  3. With every calibration, each vehicle is meticulously tuned for several hours on the street to perfect drivability and idle characteristics. Other competitors can’t match this with just a dyno tune as this artificial driving environment can only simulate so much.*Chassis dyno based readouts and tuning is still available, but note that this will require significant lead time for scheduling.

If your considering other tuners and they don’t offer track based tuning, street tuning or willing to share data be weary! Interested in scheduling?

1 review for GM Tuning – Basic

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Dave does a great job tuning. He fixed my surging idle from my last tuner who said it due to an an exhaust leak

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